A player can place a separate bonus bet if he wants to have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot. By placing this optional bet, the player has the chance to win the progressive jackpot or a portion of the progressive jackpot even when the dealer does not qualify! Below is the payout table for the progressive jackpot.

Royal Flushroyal flush100% of the Jackpot
Straight Flushstraight flush10% of the Jackpot
Four of a Kindfour of a kind$250
Full Housefull house$150

Winning progressive payout hands are paid in accordance with the amount of progressive jackpot when it is the player's turn to be paid. However, if more than one player at a table has a royal flush progressive payout hand, each player shares equally in the amount on the jackpot meter when the first player with a royal flush is to be paid.

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